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National Salvation Army Week highlights the importance of Americans giving back to their local communities to support their neighbors in need. The very first National Salvation Army Week was declared by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954 as a reminder to Americans that they should give freely of themselves.

Though times have changed, the work of The Salvation Army has not. Since we began our social service work in the United States in 1880, we have grown into one of the largest social service providers in the country, directly supporting nearly 30 million Americans each year and more than 500,000 in the Del Oro Division alone, through a variety of programs. We are committed to programs that transform the lives of struggling families, youth, seniors, disaster victims, the addicted, the homeless and the hopeless.

For more than a hundred years, The Salvation Army has attended to national disasters on the world stage and personal disasters within our churches and community centers.

In every zip code in the U.S., people in need and crisis know that The Salvation Army is there to offer food, shelter, prayer, and a path to healing.

We’re thankful for the thousands of volunteers and donors who make The Salvation Army’s work in Northern California and Northern Nevada possible, whether by making a financial contribution, ringing the bell at Christmas, serving food at a shelter, tutoring at-risk youth, sharing their love of the Army with friends, or leaving a legacy gift for future generations.

As we celebrate National Salvation Army Week, we remember the millions for whom The Salvation Army is their last gleam of hope and renew our promise to continue to Do the Most Good in America and around the world. And we celebrate you, those who give of your time and resources to help us fulfill our mission.

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We thank you for being a friend of The Salvation Army.