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Larry's story is about true change. After a lot of struggling and chaos at a young age, and facing jail time, Larry utilized our emergency shelter, and received counseling and case management that enabled him to have enough distance from the streets to figure out his next move. His next move was getting clean.

Larry became a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor at our Adult Rehabilitation Center in Downtown Sacramento. Our rehab is a six-month residential program where men who have dealt with addiction, homelessness and other serious life problems can come and lay their burdens down - and work on themselves. Your support enables them to go through classes and work therapy while learning how to keep a set schedule, attend counseling, and practice living sober and productive lives.

Just a couple of weeks after this video was filmed, Larry passed away. We miss him dearly - and we know that Larry wanted his story to inspire others. He wanted it to inspire you.


The greatest success stories come from your generous support.

Real stories from real people

Because you believe everyone should have hope, here is how we were able to help.



Jerry and Debbie were raising a family on a very limited budget, but to make things worse, Jerry was laid off from his seasonal job and Debbie was diagnosed with cancer. Things were already tight, but Jerry was too busy worrying about how they would make ends meet to feel sorry himself. Providing for his family was his top priority. The medical bills piled up; the family had also fallen behind on paying their rent, and faced eviction.

Thankfully, The Salvation Army was able to help with the family's rent, settle their debt with the landlord, and also provide them with groceries. Jerry and Debbie were given the chance to breathe and figure out their next steps. Your support gave them the hope they needed to move forward as a family.



Jean and Mike were former teachers enjoying retirement on a limited budget, but things took a turn for the worse when their son unexpectedly passed away. After spending their entire savings on their son’s final expenses, the couple missed a payment on a utility bill and their power was shut off. Without electricity, their refrigerator stopped functioning and all of the food within spoiled. Jean and Mike turned to The Salvation Army for help, and we were able to provide utility and food assistance to the couple.

The two were so appreciative of everything The Salvation Army has done for them that they have become regular volunteers, and have even organized food drives to help fill the pantry.



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