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The Camp Fire began in Butte County on November 8, 2018 and quickly became one of the most devastating fires in California’s history, claiming 86 lives. A major portion of the town of Paradise was destroyed, including the Salvation Army Thrift Store located there. 153,336 acres were burned, destroying 13,972 homes, 528 businesses and 4,293 other buildings. 52,000 people were ultimately evacuated. As many returned to their homes, there were thousands of people from the community with no home to return to.

The Salvation Army was on the scene from the beginning.

Initial Services

When the fire began, we immediately mobilized Emergency Disaster Services teams to provide:

♦  Meals, Snacks and Beverages

♦  Emotional and Spiritual Care

♦  Distribution Center for Essential Items

♦  Thanksgiving & Christmas Assistance

Ongoing Programs & Services

Our ethos is to be "first there and last to leave." We continue to assist survivors with rebuilding their lives through:

♦  Early Recovery Program

♦  Disaster Cleanup

♦  Transitional Housing

♦  Emotional and Spiritual Care



For Camp Fire survivors, as of February 2019, The Salvation Army has provided . . .



View the Full Report

Read the full report to learn about all of our Camp Fire programs and services, and see stories from the people who were there.


Your Support Is Always Vital

Although we help thousands of survivors each year, The Salvation Army does much more than help people in times of disaster. We maintain Community Centers throughout our region, providing family services, food, shelter, rehabilitation, career development, youth programs, and much more. It’s because of generous donors like you that we are able to keep serving those who need us.

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