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Family Services

We Provide Hope for Families In Need

"We received help without having the worst assumed about us."

Family services endeavor to strengthen and unify the family unit, whether it is a traditional two-parent family, a blended family, or a household led by a single adult. Emphasis is placed upon the importance of the family unit.

Program services are constantly expanding and, depending on location, include:

  • Rent and utilities assistance
  • Food assistance
  • Hygiene assistance
  • Counseling with child-parent relationships, marital problems, adolescent issues, unmarried mother's situations, and unemployment
  • Christmas activities and summer camp holidays

For specifics on family services in a particular area, check out our Corps Community Centers.

SMUD IS HERE TO HELP YOU during these difficult times!

We have partnered with Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) over the previous years during the holidays! Currently, SMUD has a campaign called “The New Low-Income”. SMUD is helping those who are struggling to make monthly utility payments!