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At Salvation Army Community Centers across our region, requests for food assistance continue to come in. Many people are coming to us in dire need. Entire families are going hungry.

According to the USDA, one in six people in America face hunger. These are our neighbors. It might be a single mom trying hard to stretch her paycheck far enough to feed her kids. Or a senior skipping meals so she can afford her medications. Or a family’s breadwinner, who’s become sick or disabled and can no longer work.

It could be someone like Joanna.


Be a Hometown Hero

Last year in our region alone, The Salvation Army provided almost one million meals to those who were hungry. The great thing about your gift to feed the hungry is that it automatically stays in your area. We take this very seriously.

Your gift doesn't just provide food - it restores hope.

Every day, your generosity makes a powerful impact on our community. Your compassion is felt, and appreciated, by your neighbors who are struggling. Thank you for your generosity.


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