Boxing Club in Santa Rosa Knocks Out Gang Violence

Apr 6, 2017 | by SNW

Over 25 years ago in 1991, Richard and Maria Lopez started Double Punches Boxing Club out of their garage in Santa Rosa, California. They wanted to create a safe place with a supportive environment for the children in their neighborhood that were prone to gang lifestyles. In 2010, Double Punches was officially adopted as a part of the Salvation Army. Together they provide an outlet for young people with low confidence and academic success by using boxing and academic tutoring to develop self-worth.

This program has nurtured students to pursue competitive events such as the Junior Olympics. Currently, the club has 40 members, both boys and girls ranging from ages 8 to 40. With sports such as mixed martial arts and boxing becoming so popular, one can expect this program to grow even more and produce amazing athletes from it.

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