Creating Happy Campers

Mar 21, 2018 | by SNW

The Salvation Army camps serve the personal and spiritual needs of campers through a creative experience in an outdoor setting. It is a place to explore nature, learn about the love of Jesus, and create long-lasting friendships.

Before going to camp two years ago, sisters Maggie and Molly were shy and kept to themselves. When the girls returned from camp they started to attend church regularly at the Carson City Corps, and eventually began to bring their mom and later their grandma. Both girls are now thriving- Maggie brings friends to Teen Night, and volunteers at the Corps nursery and now at summer camp. They love to share their story with other youth about how they formed positive friendships and have a renewed sense of hope.

The activities at camp are not only fun, but helps kids explore their talents and discover new interests outside of school and home. Camp can help break a child out of their shell by teaching them valuable skills such as teamwork and personal responsibility.

The possibilities camp brings are endless!

Click here to help sponsor a child to attend camp this year.

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