Feeding Spirits in Paraguay

Aug 21, 2017 | by SNW

September 2016 marked the end of a 3-year project in the South American nation of Paraguay to provide health and medical services to one of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

The Tekokatu Medical Clinic, operated by regional Salvation Army personnel, had directly benefited 2002 women, 229 men, and 562 children.  The prices for services are 30-58 percent less than health centers in the surrounding areas, and some services are even no charge. 

In addition to primary health care services, the clinic provides nutritional assistance and education to its participants through workshops and the Milk & Oats Program.

The goal of the program is to educate participants on how to establish nutritious diets for their families and to provide them with resources they will need to maintain their new eating habits.

Clinics personnel identify children at risk of being malnourished and refer them to the Milk & Oats program. Participants receive supplies of milk, oats, fruits, vegetables, eggs and vitamins over the course of six months. Mothers who participated in the program were also invited to an eight-month series of nutritional classes, where they received training on how to keep their families healthy long-term. 125 women from ages 17-70 completed this program.

Thanks to the cooperation of our local partners and the generosity of our donors- The Salvation Army has improved hundreds of lives in Paraguay.

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