Kindness Rocks

Feb 24, 2018 | by SNW

One day while Captain Julie Feist was out on a walk near her Corps in Oroville, she stumbled upon something that caught her eye – it was a beautifully painted rock that said, “Love God-Love Others”. Thinking it belonged to a nearby house she put the rock down, took a picture, and continued on her way.

Captain Feist was intrigued by what she found and decided to do some digging, and discovered that the rock was a part of “The Kindness Rocks Project”. Groups from cities across the country partake in hand painting rocks with uplifting phrases and distribute them into their communities- the goal is to spread kindness and inspiration to unsuspecting recipients.

After searching for a new arts and crafts activity, Captain Feist decided this would be a wonderful project to bring to the Ladies Home League and Sunday Schoolers at her Corps. The groups now meet once a quarter to paint and place the rocks in hopes that whoever finds them will know God’s love. It is a great way to fellowship while creatively sharing encouragement to the Oroville community.

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(Photos courtesy of The Salvation Army Oroville Corps and The New Frontier Chronicle)


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