Salvation Army Offers Welcome After London Bridge Attack

Jun 7, 2017 | by SNW

Captain Ashish Pawar, whose Corps hall is five minutes’ walk from the scene of the terrorist attack on London Bridge, has been describing the ‘blessing’ of being able to help people affected by the incident.

When Captain Pawar heard about the attack on Saturday evening, his first thought was: ‘We need to do something.’ He and his wife, Captain Sandra Pawar, opened the hall and laid out some beds for people who were unable to get to their homes or hotels. Seven people stayed the night, joined on occasion by others who needed to charge mobile phones to call their families. The captain says that police used the toilet facilities and that other people stopped by and were offered hot drinks.

‘It was a privilege,’ he adds, ‘just to be available- saying: “We’re open. You’re welcome into this place. No matter who you are or what your story is, just come on in and we’ll serve you.”


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