Teenage Fire Survivor Celebrates Birthday by Volunteering at The Salvation Army

Apr 18, 2018 | by SNW

Odin Mena Jr. is an aspiring boxer who has trained at The Salvation Army Double Punches Boxing Club in Santa Rosa for the past four years.

Odin and his family were evacuated from their home in early-October to escape from the wildfires that were swiftly moving throughout Northern California. Within hours his family lost everything- their house destroyed by the fire and all their belongings were gone.

“We could’ve all died,” Mena said.

As soon as he could, Odin headed to The Salvation Army to help pitch in and sort donations- he realized there was a lot to be done and many people that needed assistance. Going to The Salvation Army was what was familiar to him in a time of chaos and uncertainty.

Odin’s 17th birthday was on October 17th, which was just a few days after the fire hit. He decided to celebrate the only way that made sense: by continuing to help at The Salvation Army.

“When you realize you or a family member could have lost their life,” he said, “suddenly the ‘things’ you lost don’t seem as important.”

Although every day is a challenge for Odin, he is grateful for the perspective he gained from the fateful day in October.


For the full article, please visit New Frontier Chronicle.

Photo provided by Odin Mena Jr. 

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