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A Chance to Live Again

"I once thought The Salvation Army took in junk, but I found out that they actually salvage lives."

To find an Adult Rehabilitation Center near you, visit our website at satruck.org.

Adult Rehabilitation Centers are among the most widely known of all Salvation Army services and comprise the largest resident substance abuse rehabilitation program in the United States. Individuals with identifiable and treatable needs go to these centers for help when they are no longer able to cope with their problems. There they receive adequate housing, nourishing meals, and necessary medical care, and they engage in work therapy.

Clients also benefit from group therapy, spiritual guidance, and skilled counseling in clean and wholesome surroundings. Residents may be referred or be remanded by the courts.

Donated material, such as furniture, appliances, or clothing, provides both needed work and a source of revenue through the Army's thrift stores. More than 120 adult rehabilitation centers offer these programs in the United States.

Free temporary shelter is available to homeless men and women in severe financial need. Low-cost housing also is available to men and women living on pensions or social security.

Here in the Del Oro Division, we also have Adult Rehabilitation Programs. These are specialized, six-month programs for men who need help dealing with addiction and other serious life problems.

Adult Rehabilitation Program in Reno

Our Reno Adult Rehabilitation Program (ARP) is a place of hope and new beginnings dedicated to rebuilding men's lives. A 70-bed facility, the program includes Christian Bible study and chapel services, group and individual counseling, anger management classes, work therapy, resume writing, guidance on re-entry into the community, alumni support and more.

Adult Rehabilitation Program in Chico

The George Walker Center Adult Rehabilitation Program provides a residential treatment program including components of counseling, work therapy, 12-step recovery coursework, as well as classes in chemical dependency, parenting, anger management and addiction studies to men and women who could not otherwise afford rehabilitation services.  Since its inception, the Chico ARP has consistently provided treatment services to an average of 200 individuals annually, and has successfully graduated over 350 individuals.